Chutter Ranch E-mail

 Chutter Ranch Ltd. is a working cattle ranch owned and operated by Paul and Doreen Chutter and son David, who all currently reside on the ranch property.  The Ranch has been operating for over 130 years and was purchased by the Chutter family 31 years ago in 1977.  Located in the Nicola Valley, just north of Merritt, B.C. with Nicola River to the west and open grasslands to the east,  Chutter Ranch manages 800 head of cattle and over 15,000 acres of combined private and crown land.    

Ranchland Estates has been partitioned off of Chutter Ranch property. This future opportunity to purchase property at Ranchland Estates has been created by the Chutter family and is being personally managed by Dave Chutter. The Chutter family intends to continue ranching alongside Ranchland Estates and is committed to environmental protection and land stewardship practices to preserve the land’s natural character and ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations. 

David and his wife Susan plan on making their home at Ranchland Estates and have a personal interest in attracting good neighbours and ensuring that the integrity and vision of the project are maintained.