Principles of Development E-mail

The three principles that guide planning and development at Nicola Valley Ranchland Estates support our priorities of protecting the land, your investments and your lifestyle.

Land Protection

A strong green philosophy and commitment to preserving the land has guided development master planning. Protected natural spaces have been incorporated into the community to maintain the rural feel and beauty of the land. In fact, over 80% of the 900 acre parcel is covered by protective covenants that have been put in place to preserve the common land and control the use of this community green space.

Your Investment and Lifestyle

Property owners can be assured that their investment and lifestyle will be protected through community design, architectural and landscape guidelines. Building standards have been established to ensure the quality and value of the community is maintained. The gated entrance to the community along with the limited use of the common land will offer security and privacy to each home site. Together these measures will ensure high standards of home construction by all owners and that resident privacy, security and quality of life are maintained.