Commitment to Conservation E-mail

 For many years Chutter Ranch has implemented its commitment to conservation through management practices.

The conservation practices include:

1. Managing for proper pasture rest and rotation practices to enhance healthy plant communities vigour and cover.
2. Reducing grazing on private and crown land to encourage the recovery of native grasslands.
3. Introduction of habitat protection programs for threatened species including the Sharp-tailed Grouse and Burrowing Owl. 
4. Undertaking initiatives to repair and protect delicate riparian habitat areas including the Nicola River Corridor enhancement project, benefiting fish and other aquatic plants and animals

Ownership at Ranchland Estates offers the opportunity to capture the essence of country life while aligning with a visionary development with a strong commitment to conservation and land stewardship.

Protecting the land is one of Ranchland Estates’ strongest guiding principles. Protective covenants ensure that over 80% of the land will remain untouched and preserved in its natural state.  Land protection is further optimized by minimizing the footprint of roads, driveways and home sites and limiting the use of the common land.  Sustainable green practices include the creation of extensive walking & riding trails to reduce human footprint on native grasslands and preservation of established wildlife corridors to protect resident wildlife.

Community conservation practices such as geothermal heating and cooling, solar heating, recycling programs, water meters and composting of organic materials will be strongly encouraged to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

Ranchland Estates will continue to be personally managed by resident ranch owner, Dave Chutter, to ensure the integrity and vision of the project are maintained and the area’s distinct qualities are protected. The Chutter family intends to continue ranching alongside Ranchland Estates and is committed to strong environmental and land stewardship practices to preserve the property’s natural character forever.